Our Products

In addition to clientele work, CAIT also develops projects in-house.

One project that has been deployed statewide in Illinois since 2002 and nationally since 2006 is i-Pathways: Learning Pathways in Adult Education. This project is currently being utilized in 16 states nationwide.

i-Pathways provides adult education programs, companies, organizations, libraries, and students with an online learning and test preparation curriculum to prepare students for success on their GED®, HiSET™ or TASC™ high school equivalency exam. i-Pathways is an online preparation curriculum that is a complete solution for programs, teachers and students offering the following:

  • Mobile friendly learning management system with a standards-based curriculum.
  • Engaging and comprehensive instruction in the areas of Reasoning Through Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science, Basic Writing, Basic Math, and Consumer Education.
  • A pre-assessment to identify strengths and weaknesses and guide students to the appropriate lessons.
  • Learning checks with feedback to complete the instructional loop that begins with placement.
  • Multiple communication tools to facilitate instruction and assist students with meeting their educational goals.
  • Reports to monitor progress.


was designed as a distance learning curriculum to meet the needs of adult education students who were challenged by schedules or life circumstances and could not attend an adult education program.

Currently, i-Pathways is being used as a distance learning curriculum and as a classroom curriculum, either in a hybrid distance learning model, or as a classroom supplement. i-Pathways has been used by tens of thousands of students across the country.

i-Pathways is currently being deployed statewide in the Illinois Department of Corrections after completing a six-month pilot in seven institutions in Illinois. This is the first time an Internet-based curriculum resource has been used in the Illinois Department of Corrections.

CAIT is a Publisher Partner with the GED® Testing Service and is an authorized GED Ready™ practice test reseller.

i-Pathways was developed in partnership with the Illinois Community College Board.