The Center

is characterized by a culture of innovation and experimentation that works in a team-orientated environment with staff cross-trained in multiple skill sets.

We are a small organization of 20+ full-time staff which include those who are highly technical and those with a strong instructional design focus. We maintain our own technology housed in two separate data centers that use current cloud-based technologies.

The Center maintains a seven-day-a-week Help Desk, providing support based upon project needs. Our support ranges from providing simple support (login and passwords) to support for the more complicated instructional projects.

With the shift from desktops to tablets and phones

many of our users are looking to deploy content on mobile devices.

Responsive web design techniques allow us to develop once and deploy to phones, desktops, and everything between.

We have experience developing and designing for web accessibility and can assist clients in understanding accessibility needs related to Section 508, W3C's WCAG guidelines and the Illinois Information Technology Accessibility Act (2007).

Our Leadership Team

Paul Sweet
Interim Director

Margaret Taylor
Assistant to the Director, Business Operations

Joe Ryner
Production Coordinator, Enterprise Technology Engineer

Brice Shake
Production Coordinator, Art Director

Our Development Team

Matt Baker
Web Developer

Arnold Fitzwater
Application Developer

Russell Glaue
Enterprise Technology Engineer

Kelly LeMaire
Graphic Designer

Travis Pogmore
Application Developer

Brad Wagoner
Application Developer

Chance Yeoman
Application Developer, Enterprise Technology Engineer

David Zazeski
Application Developer

Our Instructional Design, Training Team

Brandon John
Instructional Designer and Trainer

Kathy Tracey
i-Pathways Curriculum Director, Instructional Designer, Trainer

Our Support Desk Team

Irving Kwong
Support Desk and Video Producer

Heather Munro
Support Desk

Mariah Bartz
Support Desk Student Employee

Our History

CAIT has a 26-year history working in distance education and instructional development.

Beginning in 1988 with satellite-based technologies operated from its own satellite uplink, to instructional CD-ROMs, its own Direct TV and Dish channels, and web-based learning and data systems; CAIT has both led and followed trends in the utilization of instructional technologies.

In 1996, CAIT was recognized a center by the Illinois Board of Higher Education. The mission has evolved over the years with a current focus on developing, deploying, and supporting online learning systems and applications for educational entities, businesses, public agencies, and not-for-profit organizations.

Since 1996, CAIT has worked on a variety of online systems, both instructional and data, for a broad range of clients including Fortune 500 corporations, non-profits and governmental agencies.

CAIT has also developed and currently offers products of its own, notably, its i-Pathways: Learning Pathways in Adult Education ( curriculum that is currently being utilized in 16 states around the country and has served tens of thousands of students.

Our Clients

CAIT has worked with a variety of governmental entities, non-profits, education units, and businesses. Most clients have an ongoing relationship with CAIT that is sustained by a sense of trust and honesty, open communication, and individualized services. The following is a partial listing of organizations that we have worked with:

  • Government/State Agencies
    • Child and Family Services Agency, Washington DC
    • Chicago Children Advocacy Center
    • Chicago Public Schools
    • Illinois Attorney General's Office
    • Illinois Board of Higher Education
    • Illinois Century Network
    • Illinois Community College Board
    • Illinois Department of Children and Family Services
    • Illinois Department of Corrections
    • Illinois Department of Natural Resources
    • Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board Executive Institute
    • Illinois State Board of Education
    • Iowa Department of Education
    • Maryland Adult Literacy Resource Center
    • Minnesota Workforce Council Association
    • Metra Railroad, Chicago
    • Nebraska Department of Education
    • U.S. Department of Defense
    • U.S. Department of Education
    • Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges
  • Not-for-Profit Organizations
    • Centre for the Advancement of Research & Development in Educational Technology, Nicosia, Cyprus
    • Dorcas International Institute of Rhode Island
    • Large Unit District Association Education Foundation, Illinois
    • Learning Point Associates, National Education Lab
    • Join Incorporated, Nevada
    • Pacific Resource for Education and Learning - National Education Lab
    • Pittsburgh Job Corps, Pennsylvania
    • Stanislaus Literacy Center, California
    • United Star Distance Learning Consortium
  • Educational Institutions
    • Big Bend Community College, Washington
    • Central Piedmont Community College, North Carolina
    • Christina School District, Delaware
    • Community College of Rhode Island
    • Everett Community College, Washington
    • Chicago Public Schools
    • Highline Community College, Washington
    • Pennsylvania State University
    • Piedmont Community College, North Carolina
    • Philadelphia Public Schools
    • Traverse Bay Area Intermediate School District, Michigan
    • University of Illinois
    • Universidad Autonoma de Queretaro, Queretaro, Mexico
    • University of Maryland, Baltimore County
    • University of Nicosia, Cyprus
    • Western Illinois University
  • Businesses
    • Abbott Labs
    • McDonald's Corporation
    • Mindfire Communications
    • Pearl Technologies